Memory Lane

Design Assignment #4

You know the feeling when you meet someone and you both just ‘click’? After that moment you know that the two of you are going to be good friends. Well that’s what happened to me and my friend, Jenna. Our story began when we were six years old and we’ve been together ever since, from elementary school all the way through college. We’ve shared big memories together such as the photos I included in my collage below.

In this collage display I list moments such as (starting from left to right), middle school graduation, the first time we traveled together, senior prom, high school graduation, and the first day of college. The reason I chose this assignment was because I wanted to pick something different. The last three assignments involved using GIMP and adding things to a new picture, but this one was more of creating a collage. Below you can find instructions on how to recreate this collage.

Step 1: Go to the BeFunky website and create a collage. Select the computer button to upload your photos.

Step 2: Select auto fill.

Step 3: Go to the far left side of the website and select the layer icon.

Step 4: Scroll down and select the grid section, pick the layout you want.

Step 5: When you finish with step 4 save your image.

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Design Assignment #4′

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