Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Design Assigment #2

The ‘Are We There Yet?’ assignment required a lot of thought. I had to think about what background would work best with the subject I chose to use. I chose this specific photo of the people because of the position. It made it easier to photoshop (you can find the original images in the procedure section). The background was the trickier part. I had to find an image that went well with the position the subjects were sitting in. After endless trial and errors, I decided to chose a picture I took when my friends and I went hiking at Old Rag. The reason I chose this picture is first off, because I love the hiking scenario and the subject fit perfectly on top of this rock.

This assignment required a lot of steps. I had to download GIMP, which I struggled with a lot.  I even tried to use another program because GIMP was such a problem for me. After a couple of hours I finally started to get the hang of it. Below you can find the procedure on how to photoshop the images to recreate something similar to my photo.

Step 1: Upload your image and select the ‘Free Select Tool’ icon, located on the far left side.

Step 2: With the ‘Free Select Tool’ outline the desired subject

Step 3: Once you outline the image, right click on it and find the layout tab. Under the layout tab it should have the option of scaling the layout. Select it to make the image smaller.

Step 4: After you scale the image to the desired size, cut it out of the canvas by hitting ctrl + x

Step 5: In a separate document, upload the image you want as your background. Hit ctrl +v.

Step 6: Similar to step #3 right click on the layer tab, and select scale layer.

Step 7: Select the move icon on the far left side of the screen and move the layer to the desired place

Step 8: Now that you have your layer in the correct place, you can change the filter. Go to the image tab, mode, grayscale.

Step 9: Save the image. Go to the file tab and select the export option to convert the GIMP file into a .png or .jpg

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Design Assignment #2’

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

  1. Jenna Wood says:

    This post was EXTREMELY helpful! I have been using GIMP for this class and I had no idea where to start for this assignment, until I found your post. This is a great tutorial!

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