Sorry Mom…

Design Assignment #1

Sorry mom, but I designed my first tattoo! I chose this assignment because I love tattoos in general and I’ve always wanted to design my own, but I’m not an artsy person. I also think that tattoos are a great way to express yourself and it’s a different form of art.  It took me forever to design  my own tattoo, but once I had an idea it became a lot easier. You’re probably thinking, “wow another mountain and sky tattoo, so basic.” That’s what I thought as well, but the more I added to the tattoo the more I began to love it.

Each one of the images in this work has a different significance. The night atmosphere represents my introvert side of my personality. When I’m with people I don’t know very well I can be calm and quiet like the night. The stars however, represent my extroverted side. My reasoning behind this was that stars are known for shining and when I’m around people I know very well I tend to stand out more. The moon represents positivity because even in the darkest times the moon gives off light throughout the night. Lastly, the mountains display adventure and the act of being grounded.

The second part of this assignment was to pick various effects and colors to change the mood of the design. I picked four different effects. The first effect I enjoyed because it had hints of colors within it and since the picture is already dark I thought it could bring some positivity. The second effect made it seem more galactic and gave it a ‘dreamer’ aesthetic. The third effect is very subtle. It gives the impression that the stars are giving off a radiant light because of the contrast and the white border surrounding the mountain and the sky. The last effect made the design more dramatic. It gave the image a darker aesthetic.


I have broken the steps of this assignment into three parts. Part 1 is making the tattoo, part 2 is applying the effects, and part 3 is creating a collage. If you would like to recreate this design I have posted the instructions below.

Part 1: Tats

Step 1: Go to Tattoo Font Maker and select the tab that says, Tattoo Builder.

Step 2: Select the tab that says, add image

Step 3: Here you will find several different catergories, select the one that says, stars. Once in that catergory look for the star in the 5th row, 3rd column and insert it into the canvas.

Step 4: Select the textboxt that reads, “my tattoo” and delete it. There is a trashbin icon on the top of the sidebar.

Step 5: After you have deleted the textbox you can start and rearrange the stars by resizing and rotating them

Step 6: Once you have the perfect amount go to the, add image tab and insert your mountains

Step 7: Time to insert the moon. Go to the little image icon on the sidebar and scroll down to the moon icon

Step 8: Rearrange the moon to fit the stars

Step 9: When you have finished go to the bottom of the canvas and click the save button. Save it as a JPG image.

Part 2: Effects
Website #1

Step 1: Go to PicMonkey

Step 2: Upload your image by clicking on the open icon in the upper left hand corner

Step 3: Select the magic wand icon on the taskbar on the far left side

Step 4: Scroll to the Basic section and select the Soften effect, click apply

Step 5: Hit the save button on the upper left side of the screen

Website #2

Step 1: Go to PhotoMania and select the ‘Start Creating Effects’ Icon

Step 2: Go to the sketch section and select, Colored Sketch effect

Step 3: Save your photo by clicking on the download button above the canvas

App #3

Step 1: Go to the Playstore or Apple store and download Prisma

Step 2: Once downloaded, upload your photo. On the bottom they will have different effects, select the Mosaic effect

Step 3: Click the finished button and it’ll take you to this page. Select the download icon.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and 3. For step 2 select the Warm Stones affect instead.

Part 3: Collage

Step 1: Go to BeFunky and select the collage maker tab

Step 2: Upload your pictures by selecting the computer icon

Step 3: Delete the extra cells by clicking on them and selecting ‘Delete Cell’ from the pop-up

Step 4: To avoid having your collage look like the image below, go to the layouts icon on the far left side. Scroll down and select the ‘Grid’ option,

Step 4: Select the layout with the four squares.

Step 5: To save your work select the Save button on the top of the website

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Design Assignment #1’

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