Who Done It?

Design Assignment #5

If you haven’t seen the TV show Riverdale and plan to, stop reading this post! Spoilers ahead!

This assignment is based on designing your own suspect board. Coincidentally, this week I started watching the show Riverdale, which I used for my project. This show is about a wealthy family who loses their son in a tragic accident. They never found his body, so they assumed that he drowned in the town river. Until one night his corpse appeared with a gun shot wound straight through his temple. Throughout the show a group of characters try and discover who the murder was and along the way they learn other secrets, about themselves, and their families.


I chose this assignment because I thought it fit perfectly with the show. I also chose it because ironically I only have one more episode until the season finale, so I’ll get to see if my suspect board was accurate or inaccurate. For this assignment I used a website called Flowchart and Paint. Below are instructions on how to make the suspect board.

Step 1: Go to this website. If you sign up with your Google account you can find the application in your Google Drive.

Step 2:  Once you open the application click on the ‘T’ to make a textbook. Type the names of the individuals in those textboxes.

Step 3: Your spreadsheet should look like this. Afterwards go to ‘Insert’ on the top of the page and select ‘image’.

Step 4: After you upload your images click on the sticky note icon on the left sidebar.

Step 5: Drag the sticky note onto the spreedsheet and make them for each suspect.

Step 6: Go to the upper left hand corner and select the file tab, and hit ‘download as’.

Step 7: Make sure that the file type is downloaded as a .JPG

Step 8: Open Paint and upload your image. It should look like the image below.

Step 9: Select the line tool in the shapes category.

Step 10: Begin connecting each of the suspects by using the line tool above and creating arrows.

Step 11: Below is an image of how the arrows should look like. Color code the arrows with the color that is assigned to each person.

Step 12: Don’t forget to save your work!

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Design Assignment #5′

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