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Video #2: Where Do You Want To Go?

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Have you ever wanted to travel, but don’t have the money? Well what if you miraculously did? Where would you go? Who would you see? The Where Do You Want To Go assignment involves making a video of the top place(s) you would love to travel to. Personally, I have always wanted to go to the Czech Republic and Romania. When I was in the fifth grade my class was divded into groups. Each group was assigned different countries and with those countries we were required to research their traditions and customs. My group had the Czech Republic and Romania, and ever since then I have always wanted to go!

I chose this assignment because I love looking at pictures of the Czech Republic and Romania. It’s mesmerizing to me! I also wanted to refresh my memory of the material I learned when I was younger. The Romanian section of my video included, Bucharest (capital of Romania, the Tunnel of Love, and Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle). The video I included displays the Romanian landscape (for the full/original video click here). During the images and video the Romanian National Anthem was being played. The Czech Republic section of my video includes, Prague Castle, the little town of Karlovy Vary, and Moravian Kart. I also included a video that displays an aerial view of Prague (for the full/original video click here). While all these images are playing the music you were listening to was the Czech Republic’s National Anthem.

All these different places peaked my interest, whether it was because of it’s beauty or it’s history.  I also felt that I needed to see some touristy things. If you want to go on the same virtual journey and plan your own trip follow the procedure below (I apologize in advance for the quality of my procedure photos).


Step 1: Go to the Home tab and select the Title icon.

Step 2: Change the background to white and the font color to blue.

Step 3: Remain on the Home tab and select the Credits icon.

Step 4: Once you’ve customized your credits slide, begin to add your images and videos. You can do this by selecting the Add videos and Photos icon.

Step 5: Insert your desired video. Go to the Edit tab and select the Split tool. This will break your video apart into two segments. Next, I deleted the portion of the video I did not want by simply hitting the delete button on my keyboard.

Step 6: Once you have edited your video, go back to the Home tab and select the Add Music icon. Add your music.

Step 8: Once you’ve added your music feel free to add your remaining photos by repeating Step 4.

Step 9: Once you import your first picture go to the Home page and select the Caption icon. A text box will apear on your slide, edit it.

Step 10: Repeat steps 4-9 for your second country.

Step 11: Once you’ve finished with all your countries go to the File tab, select Save Movie, and click the For Computer option.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the assignment!

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Video #2: Where Do You Want To Go′

6 thoughts on “The Wanderlust Traveler

  1. De Norm says:

    As soon as the music started, I felt like I was in a history class. Or Disney parades. It felt classic and fit the theme of travel. The video after the many slides of pictures was stunning and I was ready to continue exploring. As the music changed, I really became enchanted, especially by how you used the camera. It was a fun adventure.

  2. George Zimmerman says:

    The video is terrific. I like the tutorial, it was easy to follow and was extremely informative.

    The only item I would have added would be in step 1 telling your viewers what computer program you were using. I am assuming it is MovieMaker…is that correct?

  3. Kirstyn says:

    This was really cool for me to watch. Nicely done. I love traveling and have many places that I still want to go, but I’ve never really thought about going to either the Czech Republic or Romania. Although after this video, they have definitely been added to my list. Is there anything that made you choose the Czech Republic’s National Anthem over Romania’s or other music from either of the country’s?

    • Mila Garcia says:

      Yeah, not many people think about the Czech Republic and Romania when they’re asked where they would like to travel. I think most people would rather go to France, Italy, Germany, etc. Sorry I think I forgot to specify in my directions, but I used both National Anthems. I used the Czeh Republic National Anthem during the Czech Republic section of my video and I used the Romanian National Anthem for the Romanian section of my video.

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