DS106 Clone Wars

Daily Create #14

Star Wars the Clone Wars? More like DS106 Clone Wars! Today’s daily create involved cloning yourself! After roadtripping all the way to Rhode Island I made my friends take the panorama, but we had some difficulties. We would either move the camera too fast to where the picture would only get a third of my body. Or we would move it too slow and it wouldn’t get me at all. After a couple of trials we finally got it right! This was an interesting, fun assignment.


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Daily Create #15

What makes you nervous? Today’s daily create involved tweeting an image of something that makes you nervous. Something that gives me the jitters is lack of privacy. Currently, while vacationing with my friends I asked them what makes them nervous. Half of them said lack of privacy, which got me thinking. It’s definitely something to be nervous about because most of the people in our society love to publicize everything in their life on social media and go beyond that!


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Uh oh…

Daily Create #13

Today’s daily create involved chosing a classinc piece of art and transforming the way people view it by giving it a scenario/caption.  For the artwork I decided to pick American Gothic by Grant Wood.  I used the website provided to download the image. In regards to the caption, I chose it because I think it speaks for itself. You have what appears to be a couple and the wife looks irritated, while the man has a blank face.


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Home Sweet Home

Daily Create #12

Today’s daily create involved customizing your personal map. The place I chose was Scottsdale, Arizona because I was born there. Also because it’s one of my favorite places to visit! I personalized my location by using the website provided. At first, when I was using Map Stack I had some issues. I didn’t know how to layer my map to give it an awesome effect. However, I watched this tutorial that guided me through what each icon meant, and how to add different layers to create new effects.


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Flower Power

Daily Create #11


It was for love and bloody peace. It was a fabulous time. I even get excited now when I realize that’s what it’s for: peace and love, people putting flowers in guns.


Have you ever thought of peace and wondered what songs best portray it? The quote above is what Beatles band member Ringo, had to say about their song, All You Need Is Love. This is the song that I chose for today’s daily create assignment. Today’s instruction was to find a song based on the concept of peace. And based on Ringo’s quote above I think I picked a valid song. I chose All You Need Is Love, because I think The Beatles is a crucial band to include in a playlist like this. The message in this song also contributed to my decision because it is so powerful.


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Obama Out!

Daily Create #10

This daily create allowed us to create our own talking Obama! I used the website provided to make the following video. I wanted my message from Obama to feel personal as if he is in our DS106 class. So I thought to myself, “what are key Obama phrases or gestures that everyone knows?” Well everyone knows about Barack and Joe’s friendly bromance, his famous “Obama out” speech closing, and his signature moment when he sung Al Green. So I decided to include two out of the three in my talking Obama. In case it is hard to understand what Obama is saying, I posted a screenshot below the embed tweet.


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Latte Meowcchiato

Daily Create #9

Today’s daily create involved making our own rendition of a weird latte by using the new avocado latte’s as our inspiration. I decided to make mine pun related (what else is new) by photoshopping latte art onto a Tabby kitten. I created this image by using my Samsung Galaxy S7’s built in Gallery app. After I combined the images together I used one of my photography apps. The app Photodirector comes with all these cool features. One of these was the blur option, which I used to try and make the latte art more subtle.


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Drop & Give Me 20!

Daily Create #8

Today’s daily create involved taking a Hulka Selfie. I’m not one for selfies, but I thought this could be an interesting daily create to accomplish. After I took my selfie I felt like my picture was missing something, so I decided to use a filter. The filter I used on top of my selfie is called Blue Electric I found it in one of my photo editing apps on my phone. You can find the app here.


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