That’s A Wrap!

Weekly Summary #5

Whoa! What a week! I can’t believe that this class has come to an end. I remember the first week of this course when I was so nervous that I almost dropped the class. Although, each week had it’s up’s and down’s I can say confidently now that I have definitely excelled in this course. I went from dreading each week of this class to loving it little by little.

My favorite assignment I did for this course was probably the final project because I got to incorporate everything I’ve done throughout the course. I also enjoyed this assignment because I had already familiarized myself with the different types of programs, so instead of experimenting I could go straight to work. Another thing that became easier throughout the weeks of taking this class was creating the instructions. At first it was a pain, but once I got to the tutorials for the final project it was easy breezy!

This course has taught me a lot of things. For starters the thing I am most grateful for is how I was forced out of my comfort zone to use different tpes of programs for various assignments (i.e. GIMP, Windows Live Movie Maker, Audacity, etc.). Another thing that I appreciated was learning different concepts. An good example of this is week #3, design week. The information learned this week will probably stick with me the most because I learned everything, from typography to color and the relationship between both of them. However, since I love photography I think the information I will put to use the most is our very first assignment, the photo scavenger hunt. That week I learned about how important an angle of a picture is! And ever since I haven’t taken pictures the same way I used to!

If I could have done something differently throughout this course it probably would have been a couple of things. The first one would be to enter each week with an open mind, because I wouldn’t do that. Whenever the weekly schedule would come out I would already be stressed because I thought it was going to be rocket science, but it wasn’t. The second thing I wish I could’ve done differently is interact more with my cyber pals. It wasn’t until the end of the the course that we all started interacting together, and that was mainly because it was mandatory. The last thing I wish I could’ve done differently is not hate on GIMP so much (haha!) because in the end it ended up being one of my favorite programs! Overall, this class was one of my favorite courses I’ve ever taken and I’m happy I didn’t drop it!

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Weekly Summary #4

I wish I could say that my confidence boost from last week survived this week’s video assignments… but it didn’t. When this week’s agenda was sent out I was thinking to myself, hey, this can’t be that bad! Little did I know, it was going to be a pain. Although the assignment load was lighter this week the assignments themselves were slightly harder.

Part 1: Fun

My week began with background information. I started with Roger Elbert’s movie techniques. I learned a lot of material that later became very valuable in my other video assignments. Elbert taught me different movie angles, which angles are preferred, what mood each angle gives off, etc. Adding to this new knowledge, I learned interesting facts on famous directors. An example of this is Tarantino’s from below shot! After learning all this new information it was time for me to apply it to a movie clip. I reviewed a specific movie analyzing its camera and audio work. The movie I chose was the Matrix. This assignment was difficult at first, but nonetheless it was still enjoyable.

Part 2: Satisfactory

We have reached the satisfactory part of my week, the ordinary part. This week’s daily creates involved customizing your own map, customizing your own famous artwork, cloning yourself, and sharing your inner nervousness! Most of the daily assignments this week involved a lot of experimenting. My favorite one by far was the map customization simply because I got to experiment with a different website. My least favorite daily assignment was sharing your inner nervousness. I wasn’t totally crazy about it  because I didn’t know what to post.

This week’s interactions went better than last week’s. I feel like with each week it gets easier and easier to comment on other people’s blogs. I had several comments that were posted on my blog throughout the week. Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs assisted me with this week’s assignments because I got to see how they went about them. To view this week’s comments click here.

Part 3: Downhill

This portion of my week had me thinking why can’t we simply revert back to our old ways and use PowerPoint. Video assignments, a blessing and a curse. Blessings: cool we get to create our own videos, yay! we only have to do two assignments. Curse: the software. I knew that the program was going to be a challenge ever since I read this week’s agenda. However, when I saw that Windows Movie Maker was recommended I knew I was going to be just fine because I’ve used it in the past. Boy, was I wrong!

This week I completed two video assignments. My first one, Art Attack was quite the challenge. I essentially had to redo the project twice because I only had the trial version on my computer and I couldn’t save it as any other file, which meant I couldn’t upload my video to YouTube. After attempting to salvage my first video I decided to use my sister’s computer.  It finally worked! My second assignment of the week also was a challenge, but for a different reason. For The Wanderlust Traveler assignment I continued to use my sister;s computer. The only problem was the screenshot button wasn’t working, so I had to take pictures of my procedure with my phone.

Although this week was tough, I learned several valuable things. I hope that I will be able to regain my confidence that I had last week for next week’s video assignments. After all, this week was just a trial run! And even after some of my/the class’s struggles this week I think it’s important that we all remind ourselves of one thing…We are Beyonce Always

Just Keep Swimming

Weekly Summary #3

Audio week has been an adventure! At first, I was nervous because I hate recording my voice, but everything turned out alright! My week started off with a little background information. This included Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s storytelling advice and techniques. I learned a vast variety of material from their videos, from the building blocks of a good storyteller to ‘coimagining’ stories. Abumrad also contributed to the TED Radio Hour segment, which allowed me to apply my knowledge from the previous reading to this audio. Once I became more comfortable I took in some key pointers from ScottLo,. To make sure I understood everything I listened to Moon Graffiti, which I loved because it had all these different sound effects that made the story engaging for the audience. All of these different articles, audios, and videos guided me for the audio assignments segment.

The next task I completed were the audio assignments. I absolutely loved doing all of the projects I picked this week. I thought that the program I used, Audacity was super user friendly! I had absolutely no issues with it, whatsoever (and that’s a big deal for me)! My favorite assignments were Blast From The Past and Hearing Double. I loved completing these two assignments because I got to play around with different songs and see how each of them affect one another. I was also the most proud of these two assignments because they were both rated four stars! The last two assignments Puppy Power and All ‘Fig’ured Out dealt with sound effects. I had fun creating these stories with FreeSound, but I thought they weren’t as interesting as my other two.

The third item on the checklist were the Daily Creates. Even this week’s Daily Creates were phenomenal! I thought they were creative and fun! They were all very different, which I also enjoyed. It allowed me to test my previous skills in the class. For example, Latte Meowcchiato was based on photoshop, which was last week’s lesson. Drop Down & Give Me 20! Was based off week one’s visual design. The last two Obama Out! and Flower Power were based on social media and design. All of these were beneficial because they refreshed my memory on previous learned material!

The only thing that gave me issues (in the beginning) was commenting on people’s blogs. I became nervous because I would only find the same people blogging and we were supposed to comment on five different blogs! Here I was thinking to myself, there is no way that is going to be possible! It wasn’t until later that all the comments started flooding in! Another challenge I faced was changing the ‘admin’ name I had, until one of my commenters assisted me. In the end everything worked out and I got all my five comments! You can find the comments here!

Overall, this week was my best week (I think)! I learned a lot from the material, websites, and program that I used. I’m excited to see what this next week has to offer us! And I hope that my triumphs from this week pass over to next’s!

Keep on Truckin’

Weekly Summary #2

This week was less overwhelming than last week, for sure. It was easier because I had all the social medias set up, so I just had to create the assignment. However, if I had to compare the visual assignments from last week to this week’s design assignments I would pick last week’s. The reasoning being that the design assignments require more trial and error, at least for me. For several of the projects this week I had to use GIMP. At times it would be difficult to use because there are several options, you don’t know which to use. My experience with this program got better towards the end of the week.

Assignments that I enjoyed doing this week were Sorry Mom, Stolen GIFs, and I Hate…GIMP. I enjoyed those two design assignments because Sorry Mom required a more creative aspect to it and Stolen GIFs allowed me to familiarize myself more with GIMP. Using GIMP for the Stolen GIFs project helped me tremendously, that by the time I made my GIF for I Hate…GIMP it was easy.

This week I also expanded my participation by communicating through Twitter, which I didn’t do last week. I also was able to reply to another bloggers comment on one of my posts. Something I think I need to improve on is interacting a little bit more through the different types of social media required. Below are screenshots of the comments and reply’s.

Links for this week:

  1. Reflection on Vignelli Canon
  2. Design Blitz
    1. Findings
    2. Reflection
  3. Daily Creates
    1. #tdc1968
    2. #tdc1969
    3. #tdc1971
    4. #tdc1972
  4. Design Assignments
    1. Sorry Mom
    2. Oh the Places You’ll Go!
    3. Stolen GIFs
    4. Memory Lane
    5. Who Done It
  5. Animated GIFs
    1. What Are the Chances
    2. I Hate… GIMP?

That’s All Folks (Part 1)

Weekly Summary #1

For me, the best word that describes my experiences this week would be, bittersweet. It started off as overwhelmingly stressful, just because at a glance there was a plethora of tasks that we had to accomplish.  The hardest part for me was setting up the blog itself. I kept running into complications. Going from tumblr to wordpress several times drove me crazy, but I finally got the hang of it! Once I overcame that obstacle the next struggle was creating all the different types of social media, which wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was time consuming.

Something I enjoyed more than I thought I would were the assignments. At first I was nervous because I would see people’s posts and their media was very artsy, that I didn’t even know where to begin. Another thing that made me anxious was commenting on people’s posts because I’m not one to give feedback. With each assignment I learned how to use different photography websites (BeFunky, Aviary, etc.) that made me feel slightly more confident about my photos. Another thing I enjoyed was customizing my blog and learning new photography skills, which I hope to use even after I finish this course. Based on the end of this week I can say that I’m feeling a lot better about this class.

Week 1 Links:

  1. Commentary on Setting Up Domain & Social Media, Customizing Blog
  2. Multimodal Introductions
  3. Photo Safari + Reflection
  4. Photo Reflection
  5. Reflection on Material About Visuals of Storytelling
  6. Daily Creates
    1. #tdc1961
    2. #tdc1962
    3. #tdc1963
  7. Visual Assignments
    1. Shady Shadows
    2. GoT Android?
    3. Room Raiders
    4. Dream List
    5. Spubble
  8. Visual Storytelling Reflection