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Final Project: How To

For the tutorial on my final project I’ve decided to break it down into four different sections. The four sections display the different types of media I used and how I created each of them. These sections include, audio, visual, design, and video. If you want to see how I created my final product join me on my How To journey by continuing to my first section, audio.

Section 1: Audio

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The first part of my assignment involved creating the audio. I had to make an audio file that was based on a conversation between two people. In my particular siuation, the conversation is between a woman named Barbara, who represents the Diss Disney group and a man from the Disney corporation. I went to the audio assignment bank and found an assignment that was similar to my idea. At first, I was going to have someone speak the male portion of my audio, but this assignment gave me the idea of changing the pitch of my voice to make it manly. For instructions on how to do the audio section of my assignment, follow the procedure below.

Part 1: Audacity

Step 1: Go to the FreeSound website and download the following sounds: phone dialringing tonepick up phone, and hang up tone.

Step 2: Open Audacity. If you don’t have it, download it here.

Step 3: Once you have Audacity downloaded and opened, go to the File tab, select Import, click on Audio.

Step 4: Upload all of your downloaded audio from FreeSound.

Step 5: Now you’ll want to align the audios. To do this select the Time Shift Tool and connect the audios together. Meaning, start the second audio where the first audio ended and so on.

Step 6: Once you’ve aligned all of your audios together. It’s time to edit each of those audio files. Go to your second audio and highlight the section of the audio that you want in your overall product. Once you highlight it, selec the Trim Audio tool. This will delete everything that you haven’t highlighted.

Step 7: Recording time! It’s time for you to record your script. In order to turn on our microphone click on the Start Monitoring button.

Step 8: You’ll notice that when you turn on your mic, the monitor will turn green. When you’re ready to record, press the record button.

Step 9: Now align your newly recorded material by repeating step #5. Refer to the image below for guidance.

Step 10: After you’ve realigned all of your audio with your recording. You’ll want to change the pitch. In my case I will be changing the pitch of the male part by giving it a deeper voice. First, I highlighted the whole male audio. Next, go to the tabs at the top of the program. There you will see a tab that says, Effects. Click on it. It will present you with a drop down menu, select the Change Pitch option.

Step 11: Once you complete Step #10 a pop up window will appear. In order to change the voice to male make sure that all the settings match with the screenshot below.

Step 12: After you apply the effect you can now save your work. To do this go to the File tab, export audio.

Step 13: When saving your work make sure that it is saved as a MP3 file type. If you do not have this option available to you go to this website and download it’s program. Once you download it and reopen Audacity you will be able to save it as a MP3 file.

Part 2: SoundCloud

Step 15: Go to SoundCloud, sign in, and select the upload option. Select the ‘choose a file to upload’ option. Once you select your file your screen should look like the second screenshot below. Fill out all the necessary information. Hit save! All done!

Here is my final product:

Link to assignment is tagged in ‘Section 1: Audio’

Section 2: Visual

Rating: ☆☆

Since my project is based on a Disney film, I wanted to see if there were any previous visual assignments that included the same subject. After searching endlessly in the visual assignment bank I had finally found one! For this section I designed an ‘idea’ poster created by the Diss Disney club in order to persuade the Disney corporation into remaking a movie ending. This visual assignment is later combined with the first design assignment, which can be found in the Design section below. To create something similar to my visual image, follow the procedure below!


Step 1: Go to the app PhotoDirector. If you do not have it downloaded, you can download it here.

Step 2: Once you download your app this is how the main page will look like. Select the edit image option.

Step 3: After you upload your image, scroll through the taskbar and find the Splash effect.

Step 4: When you select the Splash effect it should have a scroll bar at the bottom. Make sure the number on this bar is 32. This will ensure that only the blue in the image will remain, while all the other colors disappear.

Step 5: After you apply the Splash effect, search for the Blur Tool in the taskbar. When you find it it should look like the screenshot below. Make sure that it is set to the circular shape. Then move the focus over the snow flake. This should blur everything else in the image, while still keeping the blue coloring.

Step 6: Once you apply your Blur effect, you can save your image. To do this select the save icon on the top of the app.

Here is my final product:

Frozen Final

Link to assignment is tagged in ‘Section 2: Visual’

Section 3: Design

Rating: ☆☆☆☆ + ☆☆☆☆ ½

In order for this section to be less confusing I divided it up into two divisions. The first division involves completing the visual assignment that was done in Section 2: Visual. The second assignment involves the DVD menu created by the Disney Corporation once they agree to remake the ending of Frozen.

Division 1: 2 in 1

I found this assignment in the design assignment bank and I thought it would go really well with my project. The only twist that I gave my assignment from the actual assignment was that the original assignment asked for two movie titles and combining them in one. Instead, I used one movie title (Frozen) with the book it’s based on (The Snow Queen). For instructions on how to complete this assignment follow the procedure below.


Step 1: Open the program GIMP. If you do not have it, you can download it here.

Step 2: Once you open GIMP, go to the File tab and select Open.

Step 3: After you upload your image, go to the far left sidebar, and select the Text Tool icon.

Step 4: Type in the textbox, highlight the text, and go to the far left taskbar and select the color you want your text to be in.

Step 5: Repeat Step #4 for the rest of your words.

Step 6: To save your image, go to File, export as. When saving your image make sure that it saves as a .png or a .JPG.

Here is my final product:

Link to first assignment is tagged in ‘Division 1: 2 in 1 ‘

Division 2: DVD Menu

The second division of my project’s design portion involves the DVD menu that the Disney corporatation includes into their movie remake. I got this idea from an assignment in the design assignment bank. This assignment involved taking a scene from the movie, converting it to a DVD menu by making it a GIF. To guidance on how to create your own DVD menu, follow the instructions below!


Step 1: Open the program GIMP, if you don’t have it you can download it here. Once you open the program go to the File tab, open, and select your FIRST image.

Step 2: Since we are making a GIF, your next step is to go to the File tab, and select open as layers. You need to do this for the rest of your images (except the first one). All of your uploaded layers will appear on the taskbar on the far right side of the screen.

Step 3: After all your images are uploaded, you are going to click on the Text Tool on the far left hand side of the screen. Draw a text box and make sure to include, play movie, bonus feautes, scene selection, and set up.

Step 4: After you type up your text, you will see it appear on the far right side of the screen. Left click on the text layer, giving you a drop down menu, click on the ‘Duplicate Layer’ option.

Step 6: Once you’ve duplicated the layers 3x, you can go ahead and save your work. To do this, go to the File tab and select the Export As option.

Step 7: When saving your work make sure that you apply the .gif extention to your file name. The next thing to be aware of is to make sure that the setting is set as an animation. If it is go ahead and edit the delay between frames. Set this time to 100 milliseconds.

Here is my final product:

Link to second assignment is tagged in ‘Division 2: DVD Menu’

Section 4: Video

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

We’ve reached the final section of my project, video. This section was probably the most complicated because I had to insert the DVD menu from above into my video, along with my alternative ending. My inspiration for incorporating this into my project was an assignment I found in the video assignment bank. This assignment involves changing an ending of a movie, which is exactly what my plan was from the beginning. If you want to try and do this project by yourself and need assistance you can follow the procedure below.

Movie Maker

Step 1: First, make sure that you have a video editing software. I will be using Windows Movie Maker. If you don’t have this program, you can download it here. Once you have your program downloaded go to the blue clipboard icon at the left hand corner of the screen. A menu should appear, select the open option. Upload your first image.

Step 2: After you upload your first image, add another image by going to the Add image/video icon. In this step you should upload your DVD menu that you created in design section above.

Step 3: Once you’ve uploaded your DVD menu your screen should look like this. To playback your film click the play button under the video. If you see that your DVD menu GIF is not playing go to this website to convert it from a GIF file to a WMV file. Once you convert it, click the playback button again and it should be in action.

Step 4: The next step is downloading your videos to include in your Movie Maker film. I went to YouTube and a video I thought would fit well with my project. In order to download it I used this website. Enter your Youtube URL into the website. Once you do this it will download to your computer.

Step 5: To add your newly downloaded film into Windows Live Movie Maker repeat step #2.

Step 6: It’s time to edit your newly uploaded video! To do this, go to the video edit tab and find the Split tool. This tool allows you to separate your video. For example I split up the video by separating the parts that I want to include vs. the parts that I don’t need. If I don’t need it in my video I put the black cursor on the beginning of the video and click the delete button.

Step 7: It’s time to add your second video! To do this, repeat steps # 4 and #5.

Step 8: Next, you are going to add your credits page. However, the credits page on Windows Movie Maker does not allow you to use your own background. To use your own background add the image like you would normally do (see step #2). Then go to the Home tab and select the Caption icon. A text box will appear, enter your credits.

Step 9: After you add your credits slide, add music to it. Remain on the Home tab and select the music symbol icon.  Upload your song to the credits slide.

Step 10: It’s time to save your work! Go to the blue clipboard icon and select the Save Movie option. A menu will appear select the For Computer option.

Step 11: Upload your work on Youtube. Go to the upload icon and select your Movie Maker file. Once the video finishes uploading, remember to hit the publish button!

Here is my final product:

Link to second assignment is tagged in ‘Part 4: Video’

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