Never Grow Up

Final Project

Have you ever wondered how different Disney would be if it didn’t always end in ‘happily ever after’? Well ponder no further for I am here to tell you a story about a woman named Barbara, who challenged the ‘happily ever after’ endings.

One night, Barbara, a working woman and parent was having movie night with her husband and three children. It was the children’s turn to pick the movie, so they picked Disney’s Frozen. The children loved the movie, but Barbara thought differently. It was like all the other Disney movies she had seen. So she decided to look up the alternative endings of Disney movies vs. fairytales. She came to find that the fairytale versions were more intense and dark, but she thought that that could serve as a good lesson to the children. She wanted them to become aware of some of the issues the world has today.

The next day, Barbara decided to call some of her friends to tell them what she had discovered. Her friends agreed with her and they decided to create a Diss Disney club. The purpose of their club is to bring awareness to other parents on how Disney can sometimes act as a negative influencer to children. Once their club started to receive a plethora of members they decided it was time to take action. They came to the conclusion that they had to call the Disney corporation…

Barbara and her club were furious when Disney didn’t consider their idea. However, they decided that they would keep trying. In order for their voice to be heard Diss Disney thought that they should vote on a movie, make a promotional movie poster, post it around the school and send one to Disney. They decided to chose Disney’s Frozen because of how popular it was when Disney first released it. They also thought that the name flowed nicely with the book it’s based off of, The Snow Queen.

Frozen 2 in 1

After receiving the flyer Disney decided to agree to Barbara and her associations terms, by remaking the ending of one movie. They  had two major policies though. The first one they presented was that they would go with Diss Disney’s idea and use Frozen, but they would not incorporate The Snow Queen tale, because they didn’t want to obliterate the characters they had already created in their film. The second policy they presented was the agreement of only producing one DVD of their new rendition because they didn’t want to harm Disney’s reputation worldwide. The DVD would only be given to Barbara and her friends, and with that they reached a consensus. Disney went on to produce the following film, Frozen Twist.

When the movie had come to an end Barbara thanked Disney, but told them that she had made a mistake. What is Disney if they can’t have their happy endings? The happiest place on earth giving children realistic narratives wouldn’t qualify as the happiest place on earth anymore. The Disney team accepted her apology and told her one of Walt’s famous quotes, “That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.” And with that Barbara terminated Diss Disney, coming to the conclusion that Walt Disney was correct. Too many people grow up…



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