The End Is Near

Final Project Reflection

When I saw the requirements for this week I was excited! My only concern was that I only had four days to complete it, and for one of the days I was coming back from vacation. However, I put my nerves aside and started brainstorming my topics for this assignment. After countless hours of thinking, nothing came to mind. I looked at the examples that were given in this week’s agenda and suddenly a lightbulb went off! One of the examples was based off of Disney vs. Pixar and as a Disney and Pixar fanatic I started to explore my options. I finally came to the conclusion of picking the Disney vs. fairytale endings.

Selecting a movie to do was more difficult. I found two different websites that assisted me into making my final decision. At first I found a Cosmo article, which photoshopped Disney characters into real life situations. I enjoyed this idea, but I didn’t know how I was going to incorporate it into my overall project. The second website I found compared Disney movie endings with the real fairytale endings. I chose Frozen and The Snow Queen because not many people know Frozen is based off of that story.

After I selected my topic I browsed through the different assignment banks and found all the one’s that would compliment each other. The hardest part about this project was making sure that everything flowed together nicely. Each project itself was somewhat time consuming. My most challenging task was the second design assignment I did. The DVD menu assignment was difficult for me because it’s hard to find images go well enough together to create a GIF. Once I accomplished that, it became a problem again later when I was doing my final video!

My only two roadblocks for this final project was the overall idea and the second design assignment. Everything else was easier than I expected. The only reason I think I didn’t have as much difficulty as I usually do is because I was already familiar with each of the programs that I used. Man, I’m suprised GIMP was easier to work with too!

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