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Design Blitz Findings

For this week’s workload I decided to do this assignment last to allow myself more time to ponder what concepts I wanted to use and where I wanted to take my pictures. The concepts I chose were color, typography, balance, and proportion. For the color concept I decided to use my living room pillow because it had many colors and it wasn’t overwhelming, so I thought it was interesting. Typography involved a little more creativity. I could’ve taken a picture of an excerpt, but I wanted the image to be more interesting. The picture I took for this concept was definitely my least favorite, but I like that I used the text on my pillow case as my example. The balance concept was tricky as well, but I decided to take a picture of my dining room table because it has a very unique look to it. It also happened to be┬ásymmetrical, so it worked out in my favor. For the last concept I captured an image of one of my mom’s succulents and it turned out to be my favorite picture. Below is a compilation of these photos.