Visual Assignment #5

The first year of college was quite the experience. It was such a different type of environment that my friends and I were open to almost any idea. It was around the time of our first college midterms, my friends and I were starting to feel the pressure and stress that so many college students talk about. Naturally, we thought with all that studying comes some well deserved study breaks. The only problem was what could we possibly do in Fred.? As freshmen we weren’t allowed to have cars, so we couldn’t go anywhere, but we didn’t want to stay on campus either because it was a ‘cabin fever’ type of situation. After assessing the situation we all decided to Uber to the river and take pictures. This adventure was not supposed to be a photoshoot, but it certainly became one.

Reminising on this experience, as a broke college kid it probably wasn’t the brightest idea to waste seven dollars on an Uber to the river… in the middle of winter. Furthermore, the pictures we took were ridiculous, but the people made it worthwhile.

The production of this photos add-ons involved this website. Below are instructions on how to recreate the text bubbles in the image above.

Step1:Go to the Aviary website and click on ‘edit your photo’

Step 2: Drag your photo into the box

Step 3: Select the icon that says ‘stickers’ on the header

Step 4: Click on the signature option

Step 5; Select any of the four bubbles

Step 6: Once you have resized it and have the sticker where you want it click ‘apply’. Be sure to select ‘apply’ or the bubble will be deleted

Step 7: Go back to the header and scroll over once. Select the ‘text’ icon

Step 8: Once you have the perfect caption make sure to resize the text and place it inside the bubble. After that select ‘apply’.

Step 9: Once you’ve finished, hit ‘save’.

Step 10: After you save your image Aviary will give you the option to download the photo

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Visual Assignment #5’

Dream List

Visual Assignment #4

Bucket Lists can serve as a perfect solution to all the stress our lifestyle can bring because we live in such a fast paced society.  In addition, summer is the best season to fulfill these types of lists because many individuals travel and have more free time on their hands. I chose this assignment because of that particular reason.  I also have countless things on my personal bucket list, so I thought this would be a perfect time to get organized. Here are a few of the things I want to do throughout my life…

  1. Go zorbing in New Zealand–Zorbing in New Zealand is a tad different than the U.S. in the sense that they have terrain where the zorb balls can be launched down.
  2. Go skydiving–Anyone who knows me knows that I love heights. I’m an adrenaline junkie and ever since I started my bucket listI made this activity a priority
  3. Experience a drive in movie–Going to the movie theater is fun, but I would love to experience movies in a different surrounding than what I’m usually used to
  4. See the glow worm caves in New Zealand–i have no particular reason to go observe the caves other than the fact that I just think they look cool.
  5. Go to Finland to observe the Northern Lights inside a glass igloo–The glass igloos in Finland are a must simply because I’ve always wanted to go see the Northern Lights. I also think that the glass igloos would add to the experience. Especially since I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, so the glass igloos wold be a nice little addition.
  6. Swim in Great Blue Hole in Belize–This is one of my newer add-ons. I’m not much for being underwater just because it frightens me a little bit. However, I added this to list because I think it would be fun to at least experience it once even if I don’t like it. It would make a good story to tell.

When creating this assignment I used the website BeFunky. Below you will find an image of the website’s homepage. It gives you a couple of options, but for this particular assignment select the tab that says, ‘collage maker’ (circled in white).

Once you select ‘collage maker’ it should reroute you to a webpage that looks like the image below.

Next, upload your pictures by clicking on the blue icon that says, ‘computer’.

After you upload all the images you want to  use you have two options. You can either create your own layout with what they have given you (which is what I did) or you can select the layout icon on the far left side of the screen.

Once you have chosen the option you would like to use, click and drag your images into the grids.

And most importantly don’t forget to save your collage. The save button is located in the top task bar.


Link to assignment tagged in ‘Visual Assignment #4’

Room Raiders

Visual Assignment #3

A bedroom can tell a lot about a person and since this is introduction week I thought this would be a great assignment to do.  Below is a collage of my room, but since most of the pictures are small I’ll point out key items that I think contribute to the aesthetic of my bedroom…

My room is mainly comprised of boho accessories for example I have multiple tapestries (top picture), an indian elephant statue with a buddha head beneath it (first picture on the left), a Himalayan salt lamp (third picture from the left),  and lanterns. Another subtle ‘theme’ in the room is all the pictures and art I bought or took when I went to France. I designed my room this way because I just love the bohemian vibe. The colors that are used in the mandalas add pizzazz to the room, especially since the wall color is white. It just makes the room cozier and I wouldn’t change anything to it.


In regards to the production of the collage I used my phone camera to take the photos and I used the website BeFunky to make the collage. It was relatively user friendly and most of their collage layouts were free. The only negative about BeFunky is that the collage makes your pictures too small and you don’t want to blow up the picture because it can pixalate it, making it blurrier. For instructions on how my collage was made see below (click on images to enlarge).

Step 1: Go to BeFunky

Step 2: Click on the ‘Collage Maker’ option

Step 3: Upload photos by clicking on blue ‘Computer’ icon

Step 4: Drag and drop images into individual grids

Step 5: Go to the layout icon on the far left side of the BeFunky screen

Step 6: Click on the ‘featured’ tab

Step 7: Choose a layout

Step 8: Save collage

Link to assignment tagged in ‘Visual Assignment #3’

GoT Android?

Visual Assignment #2

Game of Thrones is a show loved by many, including myself. With Game of Thrones season 7 coming out soon what better way to prepare myself than doing this assignment and creating my own house.  The house I made was House Android. I decided to go with this idea because my family and I are team android, but everyone else I know usually is team Apple. When apple users tell me I should switch and get an iPhone I say no just because I’ve had an Android from the very beginning, so it would be hard to switch. However, when I ask Apple users why they don’t switch over some say it’s because everyone has an iPhone. This work is not about what company is better, but to serve as a reminder that it is okay to be different.


The house has an alien because the logo for Android is a little alien robot. Also because the phone logo that was available did not look like an Android. I created this assignment by using the HBO website. The image below is the first thing that should pop up.You have two options:

  1. ‘House’ Zuckerberg’, which allows you to create your own House and customize it the way you would like
  2. ‘House Your Name’, which allows the website to create your own House for you

Select ‘House Zuckerberg’. Once you have selected this option this is what your screen should look like.

The next step is to customize your House. You have three different tabs listed at the top: text, background, and icons. Select any of these to begin your journey!

Link to assignment tagged in ‘Visual Assignment #2’

Shady Shadows

Visual Assignment #1

In all honesty when I take a picture (regardless of what it is) I always try to not incorporate shadows because for me, it can sometimes ruin a picture. Because of that particular reason I thought that the Shadow of Doubt assignment would be an interesting task for me, where I could try and visualize shadows as a form of art. Based on the shadow that was created it can be assmed that the object in the image is a plant, but what kind? It’s a bamboo plant! I chose this object because it was the only object in my bedroom that stood out to me. I also chose it because of how clear the shadow was.


The creation of this photo involved an ordinary yellow lightbulb and a bamboo, but of course you all already knew that! II placed the lightsource on the opposite side of the room, so that the shadow would be less intense. However, the only problem to look out for when doing that is to make sure no other shadows interfere. For example, it took me a couple of tries to only get the shadow of the plant onto the wall because my shadow kept interferring. Once I made sure I had just the shadow of the plant and I was satisfied with my picture angle, I captured the image. And Viola!