Room Raiders

Visual Assignment #3

A bedroom can tell a lot about a person and since this is introduction week I thought this would be a great assignment to do.  Below is a collage of my room, but since most of the pictures are small I’ll point out key items that I think contribute to the aesthetic of my bedroom…

My room is mainly comprised of boho accessories for example I have multiple tapestries (top picture), an indian elephant statue with a buddha head beneath it (first picture on the left), a Himalayan salt lamp (third picture from the left),  and lanterns. Another subtle ‘theme’ in the room is all the pictures and art I bought or took when I went to France. I designed my room this way because I just love the bohemian vibe. The colors that are used in the mandalas add pizzazz to the room, especially since the wall color is white. It just makes the room cozier and I wouldn’t change anything to it.


In regards to the production of the collage I used my phone camera to take the photos and I used the website BeFunky to make the collage. It was relatively user friendly and most of their collage layouts were free. The only negative about BeFunky is that the collage makes your pictures too small and you don’t want to blow up the picture because it can pixalate it, making it blurrier. For instructions on how my collage was made see below (click on images to enlarge).

Step 1: Go to BeFunky

Step 2: Click on the ‘Collage Maker’ option

Step 3: Upload photos by clicking on blue ‘Computer’ icon

Step 4: Drag and drop images into individual grids

Step 5: Go to the layout icon on the far left side of the BeFunky screen

Step 6: Click on the ‘featured’ tab

Step 7: Choose a layout

Step 8: Save collage

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