Visual Assignment #5

The first year of college was quite the experience. It was such a different type of environment that my friends and I were open to almost any idea. It was around the time of our first college midterms, my friends and I were starting to feel the pressure and stress that so many college students talk about. Naturally, we thought with all that studying comes some well deserved study breaks. The only problem was what could we possibly do in Fred.? As freshmen we weren’t allowed to have cars, so we couldn’t go anywhere, but we didn’t want to stay on campus either because it was a ‘cabin fever’ type of situation. After assessing the situation we all decided to Uber to the river and take pictures. This adventure was not supposed to be a photoshoot, but it certainly became one.

Reminising on this experience, as a broke college kid it probably wasn’t the brightest idea to waste seven dollars on an Uber to the river… in the middle of winter. Furthermore, the pictures we took were ridiculous, but the people made it worthwhile.

The production of this photos add-ons involved this website. Below are instructions on how to recreate the text bubbles in the image above.

Step1:Go to the Aviary website¬†and click on ‘edit your photo’

Step 2: Drag your photo into the box

Step 3: Select the icon that says ‘stickers’ on the header

Step 4: Click on the signature option

Step 5; Select any of the four bubbles

Step 6: Once you have resized it and have the sticker where you want it click ‘apply’. Be sure to select ‘apply’ or the bubble will be deleted

Step 7: Go back to the header and scroll over once. Select the ‘text’ icon

Step 8: Once you have the perfect caption make sure to resize the text and place it inside the bubble. After that select ‘apply’.

Step 9: Once you’ve finished, hit ‘save’.

Step 10: After you save your image Aviary will give you the option to download the photo

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Visual Assignment #5’