Shady Shadows

Visual Assignment #1

In all honesty when I take a picture (regardless of what it is) I always try to not incorporate shadows because for me, it can sometimes ruin a picture. Because of that particular reason I thought that the Shadow of Doubt assignment would be an interesting task for me, where I could try and visualize shadows as a form of art. Based on the shadow that was created it can be assmed that the object in the image is a plant, but what kind? It’s a bamboo plant! I chose this object because it was the only object in my bedroom that stood out to me. I also chose it because of how clear the shadow was.


The creation of this photo involved an ordinary yellow lightbulb and a bamboo, but of course you all already knew that! II placed the lightsource on the opposite side of the room, so that the shadow would be less intense. However, the only problem to look out for when doing that is to make sure no other shadows interfere. For example, it took me a couple of tries to only get the shadow of the plant onto the wall because my shadow kept interferring. Once I made sure I had just the shadow of the plant and I was satisfied with my picture angle, I captured the image. And Viola!