End of Bootcamp?

Visual Storytelling Reflection

For week 1 I did a total of 5 different visual storytelling assignments. These assignments included Shadow of Doubt (2.5 stars), Create GoT House (3 stars), Room Tour (3 stars), Bucket List (3.5 stars), and Spubble (1.5 stars).  Each assignment challenged me in different ways. For example, Shadow of Doubt and Room Tour tested some of the photography tips learned this week. The last three exercises allowed me to familiarize myself with different websites that edit photos.

My favorite visual was probably the GoT one. That assignment was more challenging for me because¬†the website that was recommended wasn’t working at first. It wasn’t until I reopened my browser that I got the ball rolling, but then I hit another road block, which was the idea. It took me forever to come up with a house name. However, after I came up with it I was very pleased.

Something I would have done differently in regards to the visual assignments would have been to count how many stars each assignment had. When reading the instructions I thought we were supposed to have 10 stars total for the visual assignments of our choice, plus the Spubble. It wasn’t until after I did the Spubble assignment that I realized I made a mistake.

Overall, I enjoyed completing each of these assignments and I look forward to seeing what next week has to offer!

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