Vignelli Reflection

I thought that The Vignelli Canon had insightful information. I learned new things such as, the three main principles of design, appropriateness, grids, and that the U.S. has 28 different paper sizes! What I enjoyed about this reading was that I could apply it to the layout of my blog. For example, in the type size relationship section Vignelli explains that the font of the header should be twice the size of the font of the body paragraph. Initially, when I started blogging I just chose a random header size but now I know there’s a specific ratio.

A key idea that I should take into account more often is his theory on white space.  When selecting a theme for my blog I was trying to pick the ones with vibrant colors. My reasoning was that I wanted the audience to be lured in to my blog just by looking at it. After reading Vignelli’s white space section I realize I made the right decision with the Panoramic theme. However, Vignelli states that white space is essential.

After reading this article I think that it will make me become more alert. I will be able to recognize more of these features in different types of media. And by trying to incorporate Vignelli’s ideas, it’ll transform me into a pickier photographer for this course.

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