First Timer

Commentary on Social Media & Blog

There’s a first time for everything! This week I tested the waters with setting up all of the social media required and setting up my own domain. The social medias I had never used prior to this week were SoundCloud and Flickr. Once I set up the account and explored the websites it wasn’t all that bad. It was just time consuming setting up each of the accounts.

After setting up the accounts I decided to play around with the layout of my blog.  The WordPress default theme is called twenty seventeen. I loved it from the very beginning, but as instructed I decided to keep an open mind and scroll through other themes, no luck. The twenty seventeen theme was just too pleasing to my eye.

I began customizing my blog with the default theme, but I felt like something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I decided to take a look at example blogs and I realized that my initial blog was too bland. I went back and perused other themes, after a total of approximately an hour I finally found one that I loved. The theme of my blog is called Panoramic.

Although this theme has a minimalist vibe I enjoyed the little features it included such as, the image header, the taskbar, the widget sidebar, etc. I also felt that the name of the blog, PLUR looked better with this type of design rather than twenty seven. As the week went on I expanded my blog from visual assignments, daily creates, etc. to being able to comment on other people’s posts. Hopefully as the course goes on there will be more comments add! Below are two screenshots of these comments.


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