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Reflection: TED Radio Hour & ScottLo

The audio for the TED Radio Hour was interesting compared to ScottLo. The TED Radio Hour had all these different elements within the audio. For example, the  different tone of voices was a brilliant thing to do because it keeps the audience engaged. Other things that I noticed included when the background music began, so did the anecdote. When they reached the moment of reflection the music abruptly stopped to dramatize this scene. They also used different tracks throughout the audio that led to good transitions within the story.

The ScottLo audio tapes weren’t as useful to me. He just made suggestions on what audio assignments to do. He also gave examples of each assignment, which I thought was nice. The audio that I thought was the most beneficial was ScottLo episode 10 because he gave examples and explained how those examples had transitions, which will probably my biggest challenge for this week.

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