Radio Magic

Reflection: Glass & Abumrad

If you ask several millennials they’ll probably tell you that the radio is not as relevant as it once was. This is because now-a-days many use other applications that provide them with what they want to listen to at that particular moment. However, hearing Glass and Abumrad talk about the radio with so much passion can give one a different perspective.

Glass says that in order to be succesful at storytelling there are two things you must include. The first one is an anecdote and the second thing is a moment of reflection. Something new I learned is if you have these two items the next task is being able to delete and reduce your recordings. While Glass talked about the building blocks of storytelling and the essential steps you must take, Abumrad discussed the uniqueness of storytelling. Something that Abumrad said that stuck with me was that the human voice has such a great potential to tell a story, and he’s right! I like the way he described listening to a speaker. He said it was as if it was the storyteller and his audience being ‘coauthors’ and that they ‘coimagine’ the story together.

Another thing that I learned through the way that the different videos were filmed is that you don’t have to be a great public speaker. When I watched the Glass videos he was so jittery to me that I couldn’t focus. However, when I saw the Abumrad clip I was very tentative. Granted Abumrad’s video was polished and Glass’s wasn’t, but this put Glass’s teaching in perspective. You don’t have to film or record perfectly the first time around because you can always go back and perfect it by cutting sections out of the clip.


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