Space Bound

Reflection: Moon Graffiti

The Moon Graffiti audio has been my favorite audio, thus far. It did a very good job of painting a picture for the audience. It included the teachings that Glass suggested. It had a very good storyline and it also included the moment of reflection.

The effects in this story were phenomenal. The sound effects made it more realistic and it gave me a more vivid picture. Something that personally stood out to me was how they dramatized some scenes by using sound effects. This occurred in the beginning where the astronauts were having difficulties (1:00-1:07). They would also build up to the climax of the story, by abruptly ceasing or raising the background music (4:25). After that each time they get to a different part of the story they que the music or they change the music signaling to the audience that they’re about to tell another part of the story. An example of this is 2:00 and 4:25. They both are different tracks. One is for the narrator and the other one is associated with the astronauts.

Link to assignment is tagged above in ‘Moon Graffiti′

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