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Weekly Summary #3

Audio week has been an adventure! At first, I was nervous because I hate recording my voice, but everything turned out alright! My week started off with a little background information. This included Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s storytelling advice and techniques. I learned a vast variety of material from their videos, from the building blocks of a good storyteller to ‘coimagining’ stories. Abumrad also contributed to the TED Radio Hour segment, which allowed me to apply my knowledge from the previous reading to this audio. Once I became more comfortable I took in some key pointers from ScottLo,. To make sure I understood everything I listened to Moon Graffiti, which I loved because it had all these different sound effects that made the story engaging for the audience. All of these different articles, audios, and videos guided me for the audio assignments segment.

The next task I completed were the audio assignments. I absolutely loved doing all of the projects I picked this week. I thought that the program I used, Audacity was super user friendly! I had absolutely no issues with it, whatsoever (and that’s a big deal for me)! My favorite assignments were Blast From The Past and Hearing Double. I loved completing these two assignments because I got to play around with different songs and see how each of them affect one another. I was also the most proud of these two assignments because they were both rated four stars! The last two assignments Puppy Power and All ‘Fig’ured Out dealt with sound effects. I had fun creating these stories with FreeSound, but I thought they weren’t as interesting as my other two.

The third item on the checklist were the Daily Creates. Even this week’s Daily Creates were phenomenal! I thought they were creative and fun! They were all very different, which I also enjoyed. It allowed me to test my previous skills in the class. For example, Latte Meowcchiato was based on photoshop, which was last week’s lesson. Drop Down & Give Me 20! Was based off week one’s visual design. The last two Obama Out! and Flower Power were based on social media and design. All of these were beneficial because they refreshed my memory on previous learned material!

The only thing that gave me issues (in the beginning) was commenting on people’s blogs. I became nervous because I would only find the same people blogging and we were supposed to comment on five different blogs! Here I was thinking to myself, there is no way that is going to be possible! It wasn’t until later that all the comments started flooding in! Another challenge I faced was changing the ‘admin’ name I had, until one of my commenters assisted me. In the end everything worked out and I got all my five comments! You can find the comments here!

Overall, this week was my best week (I think)! I learned a lot from the material, websites, and program that I used. I’m excited to see what this next week has to offer us! And I hope that my triumphs from this week pass over to next’s!

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