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Weekly Summary #2

This week was less overwhelming than last week, for sure. It was easier because I had all the social medias set up, so I just had to create the assignment. However, if I had to compare the visual assignments from last week to this week’s design assignments I would pick last week’s. The reasoning being that the design assignments require more trial and error, at least for me. For several of the projects this week I had to use GIMP. At times it would be difficult to use because there are several options, you don’t know which to use. My experience with this program got better towards the end of the week.

Assignments that I enjoyed doing this week were Sorry Mom, Stolen GIFs, and I Hate…GIMP. I enjoyed those two design assignments because Sorry Mom required a more creative aspect to it and Stolen GIFs allowed me to familiarize myself more with GIMP. Using GIMP for the Stolen GIFs project helped me tremendously, that by the time I made my GIF for I Hate…GIMPĀ it was easy.

This week I also expanded my participation by communicating through Twitter, which I didn’t do last week. I also was able to reply to another bloggers comment on one of my posts. Something I think I need to improve on is interacting a little bit more through the different types of social media required. Below are screenshots of the comments and reply’s.

Links for this week:

  1. Reflection on Vignelli Canon
  2. Design Blitz
    1. Findings
    2. Reflection
  3. Daily Creates
    1. #tdc1968
    2. #tdc1969
    3. #tdc1971
    4. #tdc1972
  4. Design Assignments
    1. Sorry Mom
    2. Oh the Places You’ll Go!
    3. Stolen GIFs
    4. Memory Lane
    5. Who Done It
  5. Animated GIFs
    1. What Are the Chances
    2. I Hate… GIMP?

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