That’s A Wrap!

Weekly Summary #5

Whoa! What a week! I can’t believe that this class has come to an end. I remember the first week of this course when I was so nervous that I almost dropped the class. Although, each week had it’s up’s and down’s I can say confidently now that I have definitely excelled in this course. I went from dreading each week of this class to loving it little by little.

My favorite assignment I did for this course was probably the¬†final project¬†because I got to incorporate everything I’ve done throughout the course. I also enjoyed this assignment because I had already familiarized myself with the different types of programs, so instead of experimenting I could go straight to work. Another thing that became easier throughout the weeks of taking this class was creating the instructions. At first it was a pain, but once I got to the tutorials for the final project it was easy breezy!

This course has taught me a lot of things. For starters the thing I am most grateful for is how I was forced out of my comfort zone to use different tpes of programs for various assignments (i.e. GIMP, Windows Live Movie Maker, Audacity, etc.). Another thing that I appreciated was learning different concepts. An good example of this is week #3, design week. The information learned this week will probably stick with me the most because I learned everything, from typography to color and the relationship between both of them. However, since I love photography I think the information I will put to use the most is our very first assignment, the photo scavenger hunt. That week I learned about how important an angle of a picture is! And ever since I haven’t taken pictures the same way I used to!

If I could have done something differently throughout this course it probably would have been a couple of things. The first one would be to enter each week with an open mind, because I wouldn’t do that. Whenever the weekly schedule would come out I would already be stressed because I thought it was going to be rocket science, but it wasn’t. The second thing I wish I could’ve done differently is interact more with my cyber pals. It wasn’t until the end of the the course that we all started interacting together, and that was mainly because it was mandatory. The last thing I wish I could’ve done differently is not hate on GIMP so much (haha!) because in the end it ended up being one of my favorite programs! Overall, this class was one of my favorite courses I’ve ever taken and I’m happy I didn’t drop it!

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