That’s All Folks (Part 1)

Weekly Summary #1

For me, the best word that describes my experiences this week would be, bittersweet. It started off as overwhelmingly stressful, just because at a glance there was a plethora of tasks that we had to accomplish. ┬áThe hardest part for me was setting up the blog itself. I kept running into complications. Going from tumblr to wordpress several times┬ádrove me crazy, but I finally got the hang of it! Once I overcame that obstacle the next struggle was creating all the different types of social media, which wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was time consuming.

Something I enjoyed more than I thought I would were the assignments. At first I was nervous because I would see people’s posts and their media was very artsy, that I didn’t even know where to begin. Another thing that made me anxious was commenting on people’s posts because I’m not one to give feedback. With each assignment I learned how to use different photography websites (BeFunky, Aviary, etc.) that made me feel slightly more confident about my photos. Another thing I enjoyed was customizing my blog and learning new photography skills, which I hope to use even after I finish this course. Based on the end of this week I can say that I’m feeling a lot better about this class.

Week 1 Links:

  1. Commentary on Setting Up Domain & Social Media, Customizing Blog
  2. Multimodal Introductions
  3. Photo Safari + Reflection
  4. Photo Reflection
  5. Reflection on Material About Visuals of Storytelling
  6. Daily Creates
    1. #tdc1961
    2. #tdc1962
    3. #tdc1963
  7. Visual Assignments
    1. Shady Shadows
    2. GoT Android?
    3. Room Raiders
    4. Dream List
    5. Spubble
  8. Visual Storytelling Reflection

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